Mixing makes magic happen

Blessed Be – Kath Robinson

Reborn – Cafe Band

Idomeneo – Opera San Jose & Packard Humanities Institute


Hank’s Cadillac  Workhouse Poets                                                                                         2011

     Mix Engineer

Reborn       Cafe Band                                                                                                              2012

     Arrange, Compose, Record, Mix

Idomeneo        David Packard, Opera San Jose                                                                   2012

     Record and Mix Music

Black Sunday Roadshow        Demo Recording Mix                                                            2013

All That I Am Tim Hartnett   Engineering Consulting                                                          2014

Blessed Be   Kath Robison                                                                                                       2014

     Mix Engineer

American Indian         Seva Foundation         Filmscore                                                        2014

House Visit                 Seva Foundation         Filmscore                                                        2014

Benjamin’s Story         Seva Foundation         Filmscore                                                        2014

One Country Band      Demo Recording Mix                                                                           2016

Curious Documentary             Sound editing  film                                                                 2017

Great Big Love                       Michael Levy                                                                              2017

     Record and Mix Engineer

Mythos            Ben Dorfan     Live classical recording and mixing                                       2017

Dave Gonzales Project           Recording Engineer                                        Not released    2018

Growing People          Film Remix                                                                                               2019

Implicate Order           Per Haaland                                                                                             2019

Record* Mix and Master Engineer

Curious Documentary II         Sound editing  film                                         In progress      2019